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Although this character is not as strong as others, he has a great ear for music! By singing Bard can make monsters fight with each other until their last breath. Experienced Bards can calm down or even enchant monsters with their songs. A good choice for PvP due to the mingling of classes.


* While using “Begging” skill gains more money
* Faster training of Intellect and Agility
* Casting speed is equal to Mage but magic's power is cut by 50% from class Mage
* Casting speed is increased by 5% per level of the character (except for Recall and Teleport) spells
* Archery skill is a class skill but is also cut by 50% comparing to Ranger
* While hitting from the behind deals out additional damage (Backstab).

Damage with Backstab is calculated with the next formula:
a-your damage
lvl-character's level
b-12% from the initial “a” damage from each character's level)
Example for 2 level with 50 damage: 50 damage + (12% х 2)=50 + 24%=50+12=62 в Backstab

* Limit on wearing heavy armor
Read for more details: Bard


Choose Begging in the skills window then click on any NPC character. If succeeded your character will get some coins. No matter what this skill affects your karma in a bad way, whether you receive money from begging or not.
Bard is trained with 1 NPC with 30 seconds’ delay.

Choose Enticement in the skills window. Click on a musical instrument and then on a creature you want to entice. If it works, the creature won't behave hostile anymore and will peacefully approach your character. Music skill is also trained while using Enticement.
How to train your skill:
Use your skill by clicking on an item. Any item, including a newbie one, is suitable.

Double click on shepherd's staff then pick an animal. If succeeded, choose a place where you want the animal to move.
How to train your skill:
Look at the Timing table and subtract 10 from the number in the table. E.g. For a hen, the number is 40, therefore you can start training from 40 and the skill will grow till 50 (+10).
Macros: Last Object, Wait For Trg, Last Target, Wait For Target, Target Self.

Double click on a musical instrument. If it works, you will hear pleasant music. If not - terrible noises. The skill is automatically used with Enticement, Provocation, or Peacemaking.
How to train your skill:
Just click on a musical instrument and have a break :-).

Choose Peacemaking in the skills window. Peacemaking calms everyone down, players and monsters. While being calm characters refuse to fight. Works once in 20 seconds. The skill is automatically used along with Musicianship.
How to train your skill:
In the beginning, it is better to train along with Provocation. Skill Musicianship is trained passively. 30%-50% - on cows, bull, horses etc.
50%-100% - on people. It is important for a human to be in war mode and sparring won't be necessary. Skill growth depends on the number of people as well.
After 100% you should train in a group or on monsters of higher levels.

Choose Provocation in the skills window. Click on a musical instrument, then on a monster. If succeeded, the monster will attack the other one.
How to train your skill:
Use the table.
60% - 100% can be trained on people and monsters, although after 100% the skill grows 0.1% every 1.5 - 2 hours.
75%(80%)-100% train on Stone Gargoyle.
Macros: UseSkill (Provocation), LastTarget, TargetSelf.
Advice: It's better to have 4 mobs provoked at yourself then calm them down with Peacemaking or Herding so that the beasts wouldn't vanish.

The skill is automatically used while casting spells.
How to train your skill:
We advise you to pick the cheapest skill (requiring the cheapest reagents or their smallest amount).
30%-40% - 3 circle spells (e.g. FireBall, Bless);
40%-50% - 4 circle spells (e.g. Lighting, Fire Field, Recall);
50%-60% - 5 circle spells (e.g. Mark);
60%-70% - 6 circle spells (e.g. Energy Bolt);
70%-80% - 7 circle spells (e.g. Flame Strike);
80%-110% - 8 circle spells (e.g. Resurrection);
110%-130% - Earth book scrolls or Necro book scrolls (it's better to create a scroll and cast a spell from it, because it's almost impossible to find necro reagents).

The skill is automatically used while shooting a bow or a crossbow.
How to train your skill:
Buy bolts and arrows, tame an animal, command All Stop, and All Stay. Come and shoot point black. There will be no damage. You can use a friend as a target. At the same time, your friend will be training Sparring ;-).
It's faster to train using arrow bow when crossbow has a faster attack speed.

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