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Classes list

Classes' system list

There is a dynamic system of classes in the world of Zulu Hotel.

Therefore, by training certain class skills you belong to a certain class and receive additional bonuses.

There are 8 classes: Bard, Crafter, Ranger, Mage, Ranger, Thief, Warrior, Power Player (PP). Each class can reach 6 level.
To find out your class and level type .myinfo command.

The effect your skills have on your class:

  • Average skills’ interest (8 for each class) of your character must be equal or higher than a certain percent number, which is defined for each class.
  • Skill total must be of a certain percentage. The percentage is shown in the list that appears after the .skills command. The list appears minimized and doesn’t constantly refresh the information. Close the list and re-open it to find out updated info.

Skills table for all the classes:

Level Class skills’ percent from
general skills
Average skill
Level 1 60% 75 600 1000
Level 2 68% 90 720 1058
Level 3 76% 105 840 1105
Level 4 84% 120 960 1142
Level 5 92% 135 1080 1173
Level 6 100% 150 1200 1200
Level 7 100% 165 1320 1320

Classes that don't have the Magery skill got rid of magic slavery.
Casting spells: Teleport, Recall, Mark, Dispel, Magic Reflection and Energy Field can now be cast with 0 Magery and if your character has reached 6 level.
From now on all the classes can reach 6 lvl and successfully participate in PvP battles as before.
The only exception is Warrior since that class can't use the Teleport.
The rest of the restrictions for classes remain the same.

The maximum stat available in the game is 170 (200 focus stat).
The maximum available skill level in the game is 170 (200 focus skill), but 5 and 6 lvl require an average skill level higher than 130. To begin with, it's worth mentioning that all classes are double-checked. It means that it is checked twice, whether the skill intrinsic to a certain class will be successful. If at least one of the checking attempts is passed, the result will be positive. E.g. A mage scribes inscription and there is a 50% chance for success. If the first check is failed, the other one starts right away. A non-class character would fail after the first chack at once. So all of the skills that belong to your class become much more effective.

Skills bonuses system:
(1 + 0.25 * lvl) * Bskill = Cskill
Bskill - сa skill that is shown in Skills window

Cskill - a calculated skill. For example, the skill you would need to create the exact item if your character didn’t belong to any Class.

E.g. with 100 skill, you can create :
0 lvl. Items require 100 skill or less
1 lvl. 125
2 lvl. 150
3 lvl. 175
4 lvl. 200
5 lvl. 225
6 lvl. 250

HP bonus system:
All the classes receive +30 hit points for each class level. A character of the 5th class level receives 150 additional HP. Don’t confuse HP with Strength, as this bonus only improves the character’s health and has no impact on damage.

Power Player now has 7 ranks that affect his HP bonus in the following way:

Rank Skills total HP Physical protection Magic Efficiency Physical damage CritChance
1 2000 75 2,5% 5 - -
2 2500 30 2,5% 5 - -
3 3000 30 2,5% 5 - -
4 3500 30 2,5% 5 - -
5 4500 30 2,5% 5 - -
6 5500 30 5% 15 12,5% 1%
7 7000 30 10% 20 12,5% 1%

Each skill’s details and specifics are described below.


Class description:
Crafters manufacture high-quality items made of wood, metal, or cloth.
Items made by a Crafter can defy the most powerful artifacts and magic weapons.


  • Increased chance of successful use of Crafting skills
  • Increased chance of manufacturing the item of unique quality (Exceptional)
  • Increased chance of manufacturing the item of the highest quality with one-of-a-kind features (Perfect)
  • Collects more resources


  • Unable to wear armor higher than chain mail
  • Levels 2 and more can wear only leather armor
  • Useless in battles with other classes

Read for more details: Crafter


Class description:
Powerful fighters that crash their enemies in short-range combats. One of the few classes that have enough defense to fight one to one with the toughest monsters.


  • Receive less damage from physical attack
  • Cause much more damage in a short distance battle
  • Higher chance to parry the attack
  • Healing with a bandage is faster and more effective


  • Get more damage from magic
  • Less magic damage
  • Can't use the Teleport spell
  • Resistance to magic is reduced
  • Magic items are less effective
  • Difficult Intellect skill training

Read for more details: Warrior


Class description:
These characters not only have excellent Archery talent but can brilliantly track people and animals. Being in harmony with nature they often travel accompanied by wild animals. Newly started rangers should tame an animal first of all and then hunt for other animals or low-level monsters and sic their pet on enemies.


  • Increased damage in long distance fight (2-9 tiles)
  • Increased chance to tame an animal
  • Increased chance not to make an animal mad while taming
  • Fast Agility growth
  • The bonus of magic fish is increased for Rangers (heal fish)
  • Heals animals better


  • Incapable of wearing heavy armor
  • Inflicted damage is decreased when shot at point-blank range
  • Worse healing with the help of bandages
  • The number of available spells is limited to the 5th circle (spellbook) + Dispel, Magic Reflection, Mark.

Read for more details: Ranger


Class description:
Mages possess the inconceivable powers that created the universe. They use powerful spells to create and destroy. Hidden knowledge helps them in transmutation, making artifacts, and magical potions. Mage’s path is winding and thorny, but whoever doesn’t turn off the road is bound for power and glory.


  • Spells cause more damage and are cast faster
  • Reveal spell has the opportunity to find a person within 2 tiles from the casting character with a chance that depends on magery (blackrock protection doesn't prevent from being revealed).
  • Mages get less damage from spells
  • Produce more effective potions
  • Use less mana when using Inscription skill


  • Physical attack damage is decreased by 50%
  • Lich turns a mage into the undead. Holy magic (Heal, Resurrection) inflicts damage to Mages.
  • Mages are damaged more with physical attack
  • It’s difficult to train Strength
  • Incapable of wearing armor and shields

Read for more details: Mage


Class description:
Discreet and sneaky warriors of shadow. They struggle for their living by stealing and poisoning food or weapons, depending on what brings more profit.


  • Remaining stealthy, a Thief hides and moves around better than any other class.
  • Better poisoning of food and weapons.
  • Your opponents have no longer any protection from 7 lvl poison.
  • Better lockpicking.
  • While hitting from the behind using Fencing skill deals out additional damage (Backstab).

Damage with Backstab is calculated with the next formula:
a-your damage
lvl-character's level
b-12% from the initial “a” damage fro each charcter's level)
Example for 2 level with 50 damage: 50 damage + (12% х 2)=50 + 24%=50+12=62 в Backstab


  • Loses advantage compared to other classes in any kind of combat (short distance, long-distance, and magic combat)
  • Can wear only light leather armor.
  • The number of available spells is limited to 5 (spellbook+Mark).

Read for more details: Thief


Class description:
Although this character is not as strong as others, he has a great ear for music! By singing Bard can make
monsters fight with each other until their last breath. Experienced Bards can calm down or even enchant monsters with their songs.

A good choice for PvP due to the mingling of classes.


  • While using “Begging” skill gains more money
  • Faster training of Intellect and Agility
  • Casting speed is equal to Mage but magic's power is cut by 50% from class Mage
  • Archery skill is a class skill but is also cut by 50% compared to Ranger
  • While hitting from the behind deals out additional damage (Backstab).

Damage with Backstab is calculated with the next formula:
a-your damage
lvl-characters's level
b-12% from the initial “a” damage from each charcter's level)
Example for 2 level with 50 damage: 50 damage + (12% х 2)=50 + 24%=50+12=62 в Backstab


  • Limit on wearing heavy armor
  • Can't use Earth Book and Codex Damnorum.

Read for more details: Bard


Class description:
Hunter is a fierce slayer of undead, demons, and other monsters. Stands guard for civilians’ peace, thus is rather harmless and mostly can’t fight other players.


  • Less physical attack damage from monster
  • Deals out more damage to all kinds of beasts
  • Has 12 class skills instead of 8


  • Has no benefits in a PvP combat
  • If an unfriendly player is nearby, the hunter receives all skills and magic penalties. Also, the hunter suffers from a bigger amount of damage.

Read for more details: Hunter

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