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GM weapon

GM weapon Damage Type
of damage
Axe of Anias
35-45 Physical 40 Inflicts damage with “splash hit” attack (damage range of 4 tiles)
Balthazaar's Chilling Scimitar
43-46 Physical 50 A 50 % chance to cause magical damage «Ice Strike» (when 130 Magery)(Circle 9)
Damage power = 1/2 Spell Dmg (in direct proportion to your magic skills and magic clothes
Spear of Renah
34-37 Physical 55 +1 tile (just like a club is used along with a shield
Allows casting spells.
Dekeron's Thunder
56-59 Physical 45 Shooting distance is 1-9 tiles without any damage penalty.
Allows casting spells.
One Handed Darth Thrower of Amroth
23-48 Physical 45 Fixed damage
Completely ignores enhancement, armor, and physical protection. Damage may be increased only with stats and skills.
Allows casting spells.
Eric's Big Basher
44-52 Physical 75 +30 Mace Fighting + Leech effect (drains stamina)
Allows casting spells.
Halbert of Alcatraz
69-72 Physical 40 2 tiles attack range + Dragon Slayer +
Allows casting spells.
Lance of Lothian
45-54 Physical 50 Inflicts damage after one tile.
Allows casting spells.
Omero's Pickaxe
45-49 Physical 40 Allows getting 2x more Ore up to Zulu. When getting Zulu and higher ore there is a 30% chance to get 2 instead of 1.

Allows casting spells.
Xarafax Axe
52-56 Physical 35 Allows lambering 2x more logs

Allows casting spells.
Scalpel of Trevize
35-41 Physical 60 Fixed damage.
Completely ignores enhancement, armor, and physical protection. Damage may be increased only with stats and skills.
Allows casting spells.
Kieri's Katana
40-44 Physical 95 Additional properties: Double damage upon Undead monsters
Allows casting spells.
Blood Blade
+ poison 6 lvl
Physical 75 -
41-44 Physical 45 Allows skinning 2x more monster hides
Bow of Winds
50-54 Physical 55 Shooting distance is 1-9 tiles without any damage penalty
+35 Dexterity
Anubis's Mace of Death
44-53 Physical 45 +60 Strength + Void effect (randomly: stamina, mana, HP)
Enchanted Sword of Zulu
41-50 Physical 50 + damage caused by nature forces (Type of damage: Holy)
A 33% chance of Holy damage
Tjaldur's Staff of Haste
22-42 Physical 90 +5 Magery
Club Of The Night Dweller
54-62 Physical 40 +64 STR, doesn't block casts. 15% chance to paralyse the aim. (Protect paralyze 20.0 Freeaction)
Completely ignores enhancement effects: Dodge
Staves of Affliction
22-42 Physical 75 +7 Magery, Magical power increases by 9 points
Demon's Poker
48-60 Physical + Pure 55 25% chance to deal out “37-43” points of pure damage
Completely ignores enhancement effects: Damage Absorb
Bow of Paradeigma
44-56 Physical 55 Additional damage to all kind of monsters with a 37% chance, some of the inflicted damage returns to your HP.
Fixes itself from inflicted damage. Can be broken when attacking “Dummy” in a house.
Void maker (staff)
Increases Magery to 12.
Meditation 8 bonus points and Magery 8 bonus points. Also has a 35% chance to spell to casts at once. Note, the second spell is 75% of the power of the main spell but can't be turned down with Magic Reflection, doesn't spend mana, and can't be interrupted as a result of the received damage.
Blackbeard's Pirate Cutlass
45-54 Physical 70 The damage is devided by 5 and is inflicted as 6 equal parts once per 2 seconds.
Shadow Maw
70-73 Physical 47 25% chance of a double shot, doesn't require arrows.
Completely ignores enhancement effects: Damage Reflect

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