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Codex Damnorum

Minimal requirements for crafting scrolls are stated in the following table. For an easy “Inscription” training, add на 7-10 to the number in the table

of crafting
of casting
(Magery) :
purpose :
Full protection
Control Undead 110 60 Controls the undead
Darkness 110 60 Returns 15% of missed hits to the aim (The spell is broken with Earth book's “Owl Sight”) Necro protection 5.0
Decaying Ray 110 60 Decreases aim's armor -
Spectre's Touch 110 60 Mass Harm spell -
Abyssal Flame 120 80 Mass fire explosion -
Animate Dead 120 80 Returns monster's or animal's corpse to life
Sacrifice 120 80 N/A N/A
Wraith's Breath 120 80 Mass paralysis for a long time. Dispel and Mass Dispel undoes the paralysis Necro protection 4.0
Sorcerer's Bane 130 100 Sets the aim on fire and puts it out with a water pole. Double damage inflicted by Water and Fire force of nature Water, Fire 4.0
Summon Spirit 130 100 Summons a spirit
Wraithform 130 100 Turns into a witch and damages with the intellect (Mind Blast) Magic Immunity Circle 5.0
Wyvern Strike 130 100 Damages with Necro Magic and poisons the aim -
Kill 145 120 Powerful damage inflicted by Necro Magic Necro protection 4.0
Liche 145 120 Turns into the undead. Additionally, increases intellect, making up for lowering a part of strength and agility. Improves physical protection, depending on Mage's level.
Plague 145 120 Mass Deadly Strike -
Spellbin 145 120 Affects animals' minds and makes them obey the commands.

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