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Earth Book

In the table minimal requirements are stated. For an easy skill training of “Inscription” add 5-7 to the number in the table.

Difficulty of
Difficulty of
(Magery) :
Antidote 102 40 Antidote
Owl Sight 102 40 Adds light (just like In lor in Spellbook)
Shifting Earth 103 40 Combat spell, inflicts damage by Earth forces. Lowers the target's Dexterity. Decreasing of casting characteristics is limited to 30% of victim's Dexterity.
Summon Mammalss 104 40 Summons animals
Call Lightning 110 60 Combat spell, inflicts damage by Air force.
Earth Blessing 111 60 Buff that increases all of the owner's stats.Doesn't add up to Bless of Spellbook. Increases armor protection
Earth Portal 116 60 Allows setting “Gate of Life”
Nature's Touch 116 60 Just like “Greater Heal”, but restores more HP.
Gust of Air 120 80 Combat spell, inflicts damage by Air force. Pushes the target back for 3 tiles.
Rising Fire 120 80 Combat spell, inflicts damage by Fire force.
Shapeshift 122 80 Just like Polymorph, but allows you to choose any shape.
Ice Strike 131 100 Combat spell, inflicts damage by Water force.
Earth Spirit 140-150 100 Summons Earth spirit
Flame Spirit 140-150 100 Summons Fire spirit
Shtorm Spirit 140-150 100 Summons Air spirit
Water Spirit 140-150 100 Summons Water spirit

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