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Game commands

Command Description
.russian If you and your companion have fonts.mul, this command will allow you to speak a beautiful language;-)
.skills Very convenient skill window for classes.
.accinfo Shows the e-mail attached to the account, your ID number and your current account's balance.
.seenotes Gives information about your last imprisoning,
also the amount of prison time left.
The time is shown in hours, not days.
.autoloop <x> Loops often repeating actions. After 10 repeats a confirm window appears.
.c Allows to communicate will all the guilds online or to private message your guild. You need Guildstone for this command.
.count Counts the number of items in a chosen bag.
.removejewels Removes all the jewels from a character.
.consider Find out if any stats decreased after the resurrection.
.guards Call the city guards.
.hungry Allows to define how hungry your character is.
.password Allows you to see and change your password.
.redeed Turn into deed.
.showclasse Shows your level and class.
.where Shows your currents location (map reference).
.reags Shows the number of reagents.
.auc Auction.
.macro Allows you to find out if you can use macro at that moment. Seems to be useless, as you can use macro anytime, but not anywhere:)
bank Open your bank box
balance Banker tells you your balance.
withdraw <x> Withdraw some money.
buy Buy smth from a vendor.
sell Sell smth to vendor.
sell all Sell all the items of a specific type.
sell bag Sell all the items from a specific bag.
sell many Sell all the items.
vendor train Train from a vendor.

If you put a colon (:) and a space ( ) before the line, your text will be highlighted with another colour and 2 asterisks (**). In this way, players distinguish their character's description of emotions or actions from the character's lines.

If you put a semicolon (;) and a space ( ) before the line, this line will be seen only to the characters near you.

If you put an exclamation point (!) and a space ( ) before the line, it will be seen even to the characters who are far away from you.

Vendor Control and Commands

Command Description
collect Collects money.
strip This command takes away everything the vendor sells.
undress Undresses vendor. If he was wearing your clothes and had your items, they will be put in your backpack. If he wasn't wearing anything additional, his clothes will simply disappear.
help Shows all the commands the vendor supposedly understands.
wear Puts a piece of clothes on the vendor.
contact Allows the owner to fill in the contact information. Shows this info to a buyer (an email or ICQ).
status Shows how much money the vendor possesses.
purchase Allows you to specify the goods and their price. Also, the items that the seller is willing to buy and at which price.
release Fires the vendor. The vendor dies and the Vendor’s deed appears in your backpack.
follow The seller will follow you.
stop Stops (if “follow” command was used).

Animals control and commands

Command Description
come Orders to approach to your character.
drop Orders to throw out all the items on the ground.
Orders to bring the item pointed at with mouse cursor.
follow Orders to follow the item creature pointed at with mouse cursor.
follow me Orders to follow your character.
guard Orders to guard the item pointed at with mouse cursor. The guarding animal or the one hired stay near the object and attack anyone who is trying to attack, pick up, or use the object, except for the owner and his friends.
guard me Orders to guard your character.
Orders to attack the creature pointed at with mouse cursor. The animal does not always obey this command.
transfer By using this command, you will tell the animal to consider the character pointed at with a mouse cursor as the new owner. Is used when the animal is sold.
stop Stops the current order.
stable By giving this command to the Animal trainer and paying him a small sum of money. you will turn your animal into deed. To un-deed the animal, drag your deed onto the Animal trainer.
stay Orders to stand still.

House commands

Command Description
i wish to lock this down Locks down the object
i wish to release this Releases the object
i wish to secure this Creates safe storage for owner only.
i wish to unsecure this Remove safe storage

Ship commands

Command Description
forward Go forward
back Go backward
left Go left with no turning
right Go right without turning
stop Stop the ship
turn * Turn in a pointed direction
port Turn left
starboard Turn right
come about Turn the ship around
* full Go at full speed in a pointed direction
raise anchor Raise the anchor
drop anchor Drop the anchor
drydock Turn the ship into deed

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