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All the buffs are applied with scrolls and potions that the participants will bring.

The participants who have lost may stay in the tournament only as viewers or leave the arena.
If a participant rejects to battle with a certain opponent, he/she is considered to have lost and may watch the tournament or leave the arena.

2. In the Arena it is forbidden:
2.1 To steal.
2.2 To attack.
2.3 To cast ANY spells except for Night Sight.
2.4 Mark of runes in the Arena is strictly forbidden!
2.5 To open Gate Travel.
2.6 To flood.
2.7 To use speech macros.
2.8 To use offensive language.
2.9 It is strictly forbidden to interfere with GM’s work!
2.10 Kill.
2.11 To offend the players.
3. The decisions and commands of whoever is holding the tournament are not negotiable.
4. Questions off the topic are typed on the page.
5. All GM’s commands must be obeyed without any discussion.
6. Cast starts after the fence appears. The battle begins ONLY after the command “GO GO GO” and the fence disappears.
It is strictly forbidden to teleport within the fence. You must walk out of its borders and may teleport there.

Battle rules.
7.3 To summon creatures.
7.4 To use explosion potions.
7.5 Hiding is allowed for the Thief class to backstab.
When hiding you have 1 sec to hit, once the character is hit you can't be hiding anymore.
Any prolongation of hiding for more than 1 second to hit will cause disqualification.

8. If a duel between PP vs PP, PP vs Warrior, Ranger vs Ranger, Mage vs Mage lasts for too long, GM commands “No Heal”, which means you are not allowed to heal in any way!
A participant that used healing after the “No heal” command is disqualified.

9. Tournament’s features:
9.1. No loot – in case of loss you keep all of your equipment and items.
9.2. With Loot – in case of loss you lose all the equipment and items you came with.
10. You are free to ask GM any questions after the tournament using Discord or in-game chat (but Flooding the Page or .msg while in the Arena may cause disqualification regardless of your character being alive or not.
In some cases for ardent flooders, the character can be put in Jail.
11. Remember that you use Injection and Orion client at your own risk and the client crash will not be considered as a reason to stop or restart a battle. The player will be disqualified anyway.
12. Players who left “to have a smoke” will be disqualified, as it’s not a good enough reason to leave the battle.
13. Binding spells and testing them in Arena right before the start of the tournament will be considered as flooding and the player will be disqualified.

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